Slot machines. Australia

Australia thrives in the casino industry. Australian slot machines are known as the most popular. Unfortunately, there are some legal issues with the gaming industry in Australia. However, a significant number of Australian players have the opportunity to open offshore online casinos. Therefore, Internet providers have a small selection of slot machines with Australian themes for these players.
Leading gaming software provider offers gaming machine diamonds. This name is given to Australia because it is located in the southern part of the Southern Hemisphere. And Australia has a large diamond industry. The symbol reflects the culture and fauna of Australia such animals as popular kangaroos and koalas and lesser-known crocodiles and lizards. The sign of the crossing of the kangaroo is a special flavor. The original Australian culture is the aborigine and boomerang and a can of beer. In the mountainous part of the theme are diamonds and a hammer. Many of the characters are fully animated and add visual appeal. During free spins, up to 100 free spins and a bonus game on the second screen are offered – players choose places on the map to search for diamonds. Gaming competitor offers another Australian themed slot machine called Australian Football. It is based on Australian football rules.
The theme from the cryptologic software provider is golden – this is a searchable themed online slot game. Australia is rich in minerals and is a natural theme for slot games. Again symbols on the subject of gold mining and Australian flowers and animals. Australian animals are koala, dingo, ostrich, kangaroo and cockatoo. Australian Outback music accompanies winnings. Kangaroo is a wild symbol that appears only on reels 1 and 5 and doubles the payout. The shed is a scatter symbol and offers scatter payouts. Cryptologic offers another gaming machine called Thunder. Thunder is the world famous male revue from Australia.
Red Sands (RTG) is another Australian themed online slot game. Some Australian territories, like the Great Sandy Desert and the Great Desert, are famous for their red sand, and this is the theme of the slot machine. And the Drums are set up in such a desert. Local animals such as echidna, wombat, koala and kangaroos appear on the drums. The re-spin function is activated when two or more Moonscapes appear on the reels. During this function, the drums, on which the Moonscapes symbols, pass, and the other drums turn up to 10 times. In the Red Sands RTG, a progressive jackpot can be triggered by chance. This can be won at the end of any spin, no matter what combination of drums you press or the amount of the bet per spin.