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Australia is known as a tourist country, popular for its sights and wonders of flora and fauna. In addition to all of the above, it is also recognized as a sports continent. One of the most common sports is the card game – poker. In Australia’s exotic and gambling business, there are about 18 of the largest casinos and 30,000 slot machines. In order for them to flourish, a mandatory agreement between the casino owners and the government is required. Each institution related to gambling should return most of the money to the loser. For example, if this is a pub or club that has a gaming machine, the return amount of the “consolation prize” is 85%, and already in the casino, it reaches 90%, I think this is not bad for visitors.

The government of Western Australia lifted its long-standing ban on casino gambling with immediate effect. The authorities hope that the new rules will make the region a more attractive destination for cruise companies.

The Minister of Tourism, Racing, and Games in Western Australia, Paul Papalia, said:

We are committed to expanding the cruise industry in the state through infrastructure regulation. Cruise shipping is a vital part of the tourism industry in Western Australia, bringing millions of dollars to the region’s economy every year and creating jobs.

In addition, the government has removed restrictions on gambling and has pledged to modernize the ports of Fremantle and Geraldton, and is currently working on other infrastructure issues.

According to the new rules, cruise ships will be allowed to place casinos with a minimum capacity of 100 passengers in the waters of Western Australia if they are at least 12 nautical miles from land.

But it is also worth noting that gambling can be offered only as an additional service. That is, cruise ships that operate solely for the provision of gambling services – the so-called floating casinos – remain prohibited.

As previously reported, France adopted a new law on the regulation of cruise casinos, which will come into force on July 1, 2017.